Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Everybody

Hey Bikers! We are a bike store at Senayan Trade Center, LG Floor 134-136. Our exact position is beside Mc.Donalds.. and this is the picture of our store bellow ( )

Our Collection start from Dahon Bike, Frog, Brompton, Viva, Fixie Frame ( Sillgey, Eight inch, RH-O, etc), Rim ( Velocity, Eightinch, etc), and many more. We provide a professional advise to you, to decide which bike is suitable for you accordance with your size, type of riding, purposes and of course your budget. We guarantee our service is satisfiying. Don't be shy to ask if you don't know and still new in this bike world. Everybody has a chance to try something new.

Because, riding a bike helps this world to stay green, protect our future by less using cars and others transportation that could cause polution. GO GREEN!!! Besides, it helps us to stay healthy.